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Prioritize connection building over physical creation

Builders Protection Group, LLC (BPG) is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) that provides risk mitigation and construction consultancy through its strategic risk management and construction services. Whether a Developer, Insurance Professional, or other Construction Professional, they assist with the risk management of a project by providing a complete range of services across the entire life cycle of a Project. In today's challenging building environment, they have proven to be an indispensable component of any commercial, mixed-use, or residential construction project by providing valuable pre-, during-, and post-construction services.

Builders Protection Group, LLC provides comprehensive solutions for the modern construction sector. Its staff undertakes work in over 24 states and serves both public and private sector clients. The company's primary objective is to facilitate the construction of safer and more cost-effective homes and buildings. Administrators and inspectors work together to help clients make better products so they can reach their goal.

Generally, BPG is hired immediately prior to the commencement of construction projects. Beginning with an initial meeting to review the Wrap Administration process, BPG will provide as much assistance as a client requires, whether they are new to the world of CIPs or a seasoned builder. The company guides the client through each step of the process and follow up as needed to ensure a successful project.

The inspectors and engineers conduct on-site inspections to ensure plan compliance and prevent problems before they emerge. They make sure that this process is done repeatedly until the project is done.

The staff and management of BPG frequently confer with other specialists from throughout the country. This, along with BPG's attendance at conferences and symposia, helps the company keep up with the constantly changing needs and problems of the industry.

BPG adheres to the proverb "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," which is applicable to the building industry too. By advising builders and contractors in the early stages of a project, BPG is able to guide its clients away from a number of difficulties that frequently end in lawsuits. The Site Safety Inspection is an extremely significant service for the company's clients. This service addresses numerous subjects that are occasionally overlooked on construction sites, such as worker injuries and investigates their causes. As a result of BPG's work to make construction sites safer, most projects are finished faster and for less money in the long run.

Premium Allocation is one of the many services that BPG manages with expertise. Offered in conjunction with wrap administration, BPG has the capacity to assist with the equitable and proportionate distribution of the OCIP/CCIP premium among the policy's beneficiaries. This service enables developers to recover a substantial amount of capital that would have been otherwise lost. With today's escalating expenses and supply chain concerns, this provides a significant advantage. Verification of the construction participant's insurance certificates to assure compliance and coverage at the time of registration in the project is an additional valuable function included with our basic Wrap Administration service. Hence, this will save the general contractor a tremendous amount of time.

Generally, the secret to a successful retail business is "location, location, location”. "Well, here at BPG it’s "relationship, relationship, relationship!" BPG believes in building lasting relationships with their business partners that will stand the test of time. This includes offering competitive fees, helping a new client that is unfamiliar with CIPs successfully navigate the process, and always being available to assist in any way possible. The company's culture heavily contributes to BPG's standing out in a crowded and often changing marketplace.

BPG has been at the forefront of market innovation for the past five years. New technologies and interactive apps/software provide clients with real-time access to required information. These, combined with a crew of seasoned specialists, provide for a blend of old-school expertise and professionalism with modern technology. This has helped BPG become a national construction powerhouse and industry leader. 


Builders Protection Group, LLC


Adam Shaw
Builders Protection Group, LLC


Builders Protection Group, LLC is a Small Business Enterprise, strategic risk management, and construction services firm providing risk mitigation and construction consultation. Whether a Developer, Insurance Professional, or other Construction Professional, we help manage a Project's risk through a comprehensive list of services that span the entire life cycle of a Project.

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