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Bret Webb
CEO & Founder
Sentry Protection and Investigations, LLC

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“Democracize and concentrate on coaching”

Bret Webb, the CEO and founder of Sentry Protection and Investigations, LLC, clarified that the company provides specialized security and investigative services to numerous Ohio industries. They also provide BCI and FBI background investigations, as well as CPR, First Aid, and AED training.

Bret's current Chief of Administration, Jeremy Bayer, is the most exceptional partner he has ever worked with. Jeremy's excellent interpersonal skills and management style have greatly contributed to their growth, as he prioritizes fostering strong relationships with both their clients and staff, which has been crucial during their rapid expansion.

Bret's management style can be characterized as democratic and coaching. He trusts his management team to handle daily operations, and important decisions are typically made collaboratively with his entire operations team in their weekly meetings. They use software that keeps track of sales leads and when to follow up, and all pending sales are watched closely using a large whiteboard in their office where they write down important deadlines or contracts.

In terms of employing employees, the company prioritizes common sense over experience. They also consider factors such as length of employment, education, and volunteer work on resumes. They have been successful in finding individuals who possess these qualities. The employees are expected to be punctual, dressed in uniform, and proactive in their duties, which include patrolling the premises, noting safety issues, and completing necessary reports. The security industry has a high turnover rate, so they constantly work on finding innovative ways to keep employees. It took a few years to find the right people, but the experience gained was invaluable.

Sharing that Bret used to be strict with his team members when he managed other security company, he realized that it wasn't helping to build a positive relationship. Therefore, now they focus on maintaining a positive outlook and being open-minded when dealing with team members. They have a hierarchy where supervisors handle everyday issues and Bret and Jeremy Bayer handle more serious problems. To prevent ongoing issues, all complaints are written down and investigated before a meeting is arranged. Their complaint system, explained in their handbook, is simple and hassle-free. They value their employees and treat all disputes or worries with importance.

Moreover, in order to maintain focus and productivity, the team is provided with detailed instructions and guidelines for their assigned tasks. These instructions include specific responsibilities requested by the client and feedback from supervisors. Additionally, a variety of rewards and opportunities for career advancement within the company motivate the team. Positive messages and recognition are also shared through an employee app. Bret also explains that motivating a team depends on the individual and their preferences. Some people like to be encouraged verbally, while others do not. It is important to understand that not everyone responds the same way to motivation. For instance, one of their supervisors is reserved and dislikes public recognition. However, she recently excelled in a project that others avoided, so they showed their appreciation by sending her a card and having dinner delivered to her during her shift instead of publicly praising her on their app.

The most difficult part for Bret was creating an effective management team and growth in his business. He explains that the first year of their business was challenging, with fluctuations in their success and layoffs due to a lack of work. During these layoffs, they had limited funds for advertising. To avoid this situation in the future, Bret rearranged their finances to prioritize advertising, which ultimately led to significant success. Now, the key to their success lies in the management team, which fosters a supportive environment and regularly provides training and coaching to improve their employees' teamwork skills. Bret owes his success to his employees, who have experienced significant growth in the past two years as a result.

Regarding serving their clients’ needs, they diligently record all the information their clients provide to ensure they fulfill all their requirements. They customize their services to precisely match their clients' preferences, such as by providing activity reports on a schedule chosen by the clients. Additionally, they assign a dedicated supervisor to handle any problems or worries the clients may have.

Looking ahead, there's so much for them to be excited about. Not only has Bret’s company blown up, but they're also constantly going after big contracts. With all this growth, they're eyeing expansion in several Ohio cities and beyond.


Sentry Protection and Investigations, LLC


Bret Webb
CEO & Founder
Sentry Protection and Investigations, LLC


Sentry Protection and Investigations was founded in 2017 by owner Bret Webb. Bret began his career nearly 20 years ago working as a security professional in the central Ohio area. He implemented security solutions for multiple property types over the years by introducing custom security orders, improving the safety standards for the communities he served.

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