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Elias Khnaser
chief of research
EK Media Group

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“It's employee virtue that matters, not seniority”

Elias Khnaser, who is chief of research, started EK Media Group with the goal of turning it into a technology company that does independent, objective research and makes its own content. The organization puts a lot of emphasis on high-quality research, especially in the areas of enterprise technology and cloud computing. He wanted to continue doing the things he enjoyed doing, but he also wanted to continue doing them in the same manner, which was to offer information and research in an engaging and up-to-date manner.

Elias can't get enough of learning new things and is always up for new experiences and chances to grow. He believes in one-on-one mentorship! He offers a perspective on the matter that is founded on the same idea and emphasizes that it is to his good fortune that he has access to reliable advisors who are invested in his development as a possible leader in the future.

In his explanation of his perspective on vision, Elias likes clarity. Adding to this, he says that he has a very clear idea of what the goal is and that he wants to spend not only his time but also his money getting ready for and achieving it.

Elias is the type of person who is always prepared to take risks! According to his point of view, they won't be able to make progress until they take some risks, and he is willing to do so, even if they are calculated to the fullest extent that is practically possible.

Elias sticks to face-to-face discussion! He strongly recommends doing so because it is the most straightforward approach to communicating without misinterpreting or missing the point of the other person. This communication is clearer in contrast to other forms of communication such as the telephone, email, and social media, in his view.

Even though the organization's main goal is to do research and find out new things, Elias has high standards for his employees. He wants them to have strong beliefs without being dogmatic, to be based on facts, and to be fair. Besides that, he is a good listener and can say what he wants to say in a clear and concise way. He is of the belief that communication is the most powerful instrument that a good leader could ever hope to possess. Elias also advises against being too quick to dismiss people because you might learn something useful from speaking with any employee or other person, regardless of their position.

Regarding decision-making, Elias, in the vast majority of situations, prefers to make decisions using an analytical method. On the other hand, he won't be against using a command decision-making method if it's needed, depending on the circumstances.

When it comes to revamping their technology, to be even more detailed and particular, they plan to modernize their cloud computing. Independent and objective research and information will always be the most important thing to the company, no matter what else is going on. First and foremost, they will help IT leaders and professionals with their daily tasks and finish projects like digital transformation, cloud computing strategies, and edge computing architecture.

They will do this by launching a wide range of interesting online courses. In particular with respect to this, during the summer of 2023, they intend to publish a book that will be titled "Cloud Strategy," a topic that they are very interested in. They want to see new and cutting-edge ways being used to provide knowledge to IT executives and professionals in a style that will be pleasurable for them to consume in the future, and they want to continue investing in such approaches.

They continue to grow their podcast, "Let’s Talk Shop." The organization is currently developing an interactive content platform that will be social media-powered in order to offer real-time insights to technology professionals and leaders. In the next five years, this platform will cause a significant pivot within the company and allow it to scale immensely.


EK Media Group


Elias Khnaser
chief of research
EK Media Group


Elias Khnaser is an internationally recognized thought leader in the areas of cloud computing and digital disruption. Until recently, Elias was a research vice president at Gartner, where he spent seven years focusing on private, hybrid and public cloud computing. Today, Elias continues to conduct research and advise and engage customers and vendors on all aspects of cloud, edge, and data center transformation strategies.

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