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Jeremiah J. Hodshire
President and CEO
Hillsdale Hospital

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“Success comes from serving others”

Jeremiah J. Hodshire is the president and CEO of Hillsdale Hospital, a small rural hospital highly regarded for providing exceptional healthcare services to their community. Hillsdale Hospital offers a wide range of services, including acute inpatient care, skilled nursing rehabilitation, orthopedics, infusion care, pain management, hyperbaric chamber, wound care, and neurosurgery. Being the only hospital in the area for about 30 miles, Hillsdale Hospital plays a crucial role in providing healthcare to their tri-county area.

National healthcare is in a volatile state, with over 140 hospitals shutting down in the past decade. These closures not only affect healthcare accessibility for rural residents but also impact economic development and community identity, Hodshire explains. Despite the rising issues, Hillsdale Hospital continues to thrive and is a significant economic contributor to their county. Driven by his passion for the Hillsdale community, Hodshire is determined to advocate tirelessly for rural healthcare.

Hodshire has held leadership roles in various public, private, and nonprofit organizations, including county government, secondary education, the court system, and Hillsdale Hospital. His background in law enforcement initially influenced his leadership style to be more authoritative. Through various experiences, Hodshire soon realized that respect from others should go beyond just the position held and extend to the individual. As a result, his leadership philosophy has evolved to prioritize listening and serving others. He draws inspiration from ‘Jesus Christ,’ who epitomized servant leadership by emphasizing the importance of love, forgiveness, care, and selflessness.

For healthcare to move forward, it requires vision. Hodshire works hard to develop a strategic plan for the organization, providing a strong vision that the entire team can share. His goals always focus on the key pillars of Hillsdale Hospital: people, service, quality, finance, and growth. These pillars support the entire operation of their hospital. For the entirety of his healthcare career, Hodshire’s vision has been laser-focused on ensuring high-quality care at a low cost in a healing environment.

Beyond these core goals, Hodshire is dedicated to the business development of his rural community, and collaborates with various economic drivers to bring new services and industries to Hillsdale County. He has also worked on expanding the hospital's service lines to provide a wide range of care options to patients in the community. As part of these efforts, Hodshire has formed partnerships with tertiary centers, independent business owners, and healthcare providers. Over the past three years, they have introduced services such as a women's pelvic floor center, ear, nose, and throat (ENT) services for children and adults, vascular surgery, and a comprehensive primary healthcare program. The entire healthcare team is constantly working on developing additional life-saving procedures and services for their patients. To advance this mission, Hodshire has assembled a skilled and diverse leadership team that has dedicated extensive time and effort to implement programs that will ensure the hospital's long-term success.

Hodshire values the expertise and backgrounds of his leadership team. He learned the importance of surrounding himself with like-minded leaders who prioritize selflessness. When a leader is isolated and lacks a supportive team, the responsibility becomes burdensome. However, in organizations that promote collaboration and teamwork, the weight of leadership is distributed among all leaders. He promotes a consensus leadership approach and emphasizes the importance of focusing on the overall goals. The leadership team at Hillsdale Hospital has achieved numerous accomplishments by guiding, directing, and mentoring their colleagues.

Furthermore, effective communication is crucial to their success. Hodshire explains that an organization is most effective when it shares important updates and financial reports with the entire team. Without regular communication, the growth of both the employees and the organization is hindered. As a leader, Hodshire considers it his responsibility to share the hospital’s vision and empower the team to achieve the goals set by the governing bodies. This helps the organization become cohesive and the team is empowered to work together effectively with a greater purpose in mind. Ultimately, Hillsdale Hospital’s methods of organizational communication, create a strong passion among team members and benefit the entire community.

Hodshire’s principles and the foundation of his faith have guided his decision-making as a leader. His work’s purpose transcends his individual position in healthcare because he knows his team is serving the most vulnerable populations in rural America. Wherever he is called to lead, he asks himself, “How am I being called to serve those in need in this opportunity?”

Given the ongoing healthcare challenges and the recent pandemic, his team must stay informed and proactive in developing strategies for growth. Hodshire started a podcast called Rural Health Rising in 2020, along with Rachel Lott, the chief communications officer of Hillsdale Hospital. Every week, Hodshire and Lott host insightful conversations with experts on rural health topics. Hodshire also advocates for rural healthcare with Michigan Health and Hospital Association, serving on the Board of Trustees, the Small or Rural Hospital Council, and the Human Resources Council.

Looking ahead, Hillsdale Hospital is launching a capital campaign to raise $1 million for essential equipment that will enhance patient care and safety, This campaign is essential for the hospital to continue providing high-quality healthcare to the community. They aim to acquire a Hana Fracture Table, an echocardiogram machine, an HVAC controls and cooling unit for the laundry department, mobile Workstations on Wheels for nursing staff, a generator for Hillsdale Orthopedics, and a HUGs Infant Security System.


Hillsdale Hospital


Jeremiah J. Hodshire
President and CEO
Hillsdale Hospital


Hillsdale Hospital is a guardian of exceptional health services for our community, ensuring that families have access to high-quality care when and where they need it.

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