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John Amirthiah
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J Med Supplies

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“Jumping through Hoops… So you don’t have to”

John Amirthiah, President and CEO of J Med Supplies (a J Holdings company), has been making a lot of buzz in the durable medical equipment (DME) supply and delivery industry and is dominating the West Coast. You might have seen J Med trucks branded with a jumping horse all over the West Coast. Well, that’s exactly the vision CEO John Amirthiah wants everyone to have of his company. "Jumping through Hoops… So you don’t have to" is their customer service philosophy. John says anyone can call a big distributor and order DME, but they are not offering the most important product, “the service”, or lightning-speed delivery, or offering gratitude. J Med’s has a vast range of clients; hospice DME providers, pharmacies, retail stores, Medicare providers, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, rehab facilities etc. J Med carries a wide variety of medical products, such as wheelchairs, walkers, beds, respiratory-related items such as oxygen concentrators, E tanks etc, and they deliver these items all around California fast. That’s why our clients rate us as a 5-star service on Yelp & Google.


John created J Med with the sole purpose of offering a quick and reliable delivery system with high quality products with reasonable pricing. The J Med purchasing team leverages purchasing power by buying DME products in full container loads. By purchasing in bulk J Med can pass the savings directly to clients.What sets J Med apart as a DME provider is John’s vision of servicing people’s needs. John remarks;


“Being a single father and raising two daughters, I learned early on that the key to success is hard work and dedication. I dropped my kids at school, visited clients and delivered DME products in my SUV out of my garage. I learned to balance, multitask and quickly added more like-minded individuals to my staff. I learned to not let distractions or the challenges in front of me determine the quality of what I provide to the ones who rely on me the most”.

The opportunities were also knocking on John & J Meds door. Big DME companies were going out of California moving their distribution centers to Reno & AZ to “lower operating costs”. John instead, moved J Med into the city with 4 locations so he can reach his clients faster and more efficiently. Big DME companies delivered products in 40ft containers with no liftgates or no prior appointments while J Med delivered with friendly staff in vans the same or next day directly to client's offices. J Med delivers in their own trucks and vans to Sacramento, Idaho, Arizona, Vegas and Utah on a weekly basis. 

John attitude and mindset reflects Kobe Bryant’s "Mamba Mentality" as he "Never Says No!" to customers and challenges. John is also a great chess player, and he says playing chess every day makes me think 10 moves in front of his competition.  3 years ago John also created MCR, Motion Complex Rehab, a Medicare accredited billing company, headquartered in Brea Ca to help and assist clients and patients with their prescriptions. MCR provides ultra-light wheelchairs, scooters, power chairs and Tilt in Space rehab chairs to the rehab community.

J Med’s Private Label Brands: Joy Mobility & J Care Home Care Beds


John has slowly developed private label products under J Holding’s banner.  The Joy brand offers ultra-light K5 wheelchairs & lightweight K3 wheelchairs. J Care manufactures and distributes home care Semi, Full and Full Electric low beds, for much needed for patients. J Lifters are their Hoyer lift series.

Work Hard & Play Harder at J Med

  John ensures that all his staff are happy and having fun while working there tails off. John sponsors lunch 3 times a week for all his staff. John also has box at Hyde lounge at Sports Arena where he takes staff and clients to Laker games for mixers and fun times. Every Halloween J Med has a costume contest for his staff and for his clients where the winners are picked, and gifts and trophies are given.


According to John, one of the main reasons J Med Supplies has grown and earned the trust of its customers is their ability to find products and predict what the market will demand. Especially during Covid, J Med was delivering PPE to all customers thanks to smart purchasing and sourcing. The company has continued expansion plans for Southern and Northern California and is partnering with manufacturers such as Drive, McKesson, Medline, Compass Health, and others, for the distribution and manufacturing of private-label durable medical equipment.


J Med’s corporate office and warehouse is in Buena Park, CA. J Med is one of two medical companies managed by John’s holding company J Holdings. Also managed by J Holdings is Motion Complex Rehab, a medical equipment and billing service located in Brea, California.  J Holdings also produces John’s private label medical products called JCare and JOY Healthcare. J Holdings also hosts a medical professional club called J Pac in southern California. J Pac members meet quarterly and collaborate on industry issues, opportunities and most of all charity events, giving back the community the DME industry serves. For more information on J Holdings companies including J Med go to 


J Med Supplies


John Amirthiah
President & CEO
J Med Supplies


We know quality matters… From lightweight wheelchairs and full electric hospital beds to adjustable folding walkers and portable oxygen concentrators as a medical supply store, J Med offers the best brands and quality of DME products. At J Med, we believe the providers most likely to succeed in the health care system of the future are those who can demonstrate clinical quality.

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