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Marc Juan Lopez
Chief Financial Officer
MONAT Global

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Serving others brings contentment

As explained by the Chief Financial Officer, "MONAT Global," is a global premium beauty and wellness company with a fantastic team, an incredible brand, and outstanding naturally based products. Monat is currently touring the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Australia, and New Zealand. They are ambitious and want to keep growing organically in existing markets as well as to keep expanding internationally in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

“MONAT offers the world's best products for healthy haircare, skincare, and wellness. These award-winning, vegan, Leaping Bunny-certified formulas show our promise to maintain industry-leading standards of quality, a firm commitment to safety, and a constant drive to be the global leader in premium personal care. MONAT aspires to help people build beautiful, healthy lifestyles through our pioneering approach to science and nature: a system of innovative, naturally-based products proven to produce real results”, Marc says.

Marc believes that the prospects for growth are huge and that’s the reason why he decided to jump to contribute to the company's growth. Although the company has seen a spike in products and revenue, it is still a relatively young organization. Monat started operating in the US back in 2014 and since then revenues grew to almost $1 billion in 2020. Since 2014, Monat Global has accumulated revenues in excess of $3 billion. In his role as CFO, Marc is leveraging lessons learned at other large public companies together with his international experience to help build and drive that future growth. As CFO, Marc is working to help the company grow without creating unnecessary complexity that would jeopardize its progress and future profitability. He’s also introducing tech-driven automations and emphasizing recruitment and retention of top employees. The journey over the previous three years since Marc joined Monat has been remarkable. During his tenure, Marc helped establish robust processes, better and more efficient controls, implemented better governance practices and strengthen risk management processes to make a real business impact through finance. Marc adds that being able to draw and paint the Monat of the future is something really appealing. “What we are doing now will stay for a long time and being part of this adventure is personally and professionally really rewarding”, Marc expresses.

When it comes to leadership style, Marc looks to provide vision and empower teams to develop their own ideas and styles. He believes people are at their best not when they are told how to do something but when they are instead given a business problem to solve. Marc wants to present a clear vision of “who we are and where we want to go”, and then let employees drive their ideas and executive styles. The C-suite must create a clear vision and plan, according to him.

Marc is results-driven and development-focused. He's professional and has excellent work ethics. He believes in daily learning and being his best at business and at home. A strong culture is crucial. As in his home life, Marc highlights the importance of honesty, integrity, and transparency at MONAT. “Integrity is key,” he says. “You might have the best team ever that performs exceptionally well and accomplishes great things, but without integrity, you have nothing of value.”

Marc promotes open, honest, and straight communication and empowers his team to be accountable. He enjoys getting and giving honest feedback. People want to work where they're listened to, valued, challenged to keep learning and developing, and able to contribute and make a difference. Marc was drawn to Monat's service-oriented and gratitude culture. “At Monat, culture influences everything we do and we have an amazing working environment and an outstanding team”, Marc says.

Marc says individuals and businesses should serve others. Impacting lives and helping others is rewarding. Marc serves on MONAT's non-profit foundation as a board member. MONAT Gratitude partners with innovative nonprofit organizations in its local communities that support efforts under its three pillars: families, children, and education. “The most fulfilling work since 2019 is the foundation. Seeing people have access to basic needs and achieve a better education makes me happy and contented”, Marc says.

Based on his experience, Marc advises young professionals to find their passion, be honest, and have integrity in everything they do. “Keep your values and identity and don't allow your surroundings to limit your ambitions. You set your goals and you guide your future”, Marc says. Marc also encourages young professionals to always take the difficult path and be less fearless of failure. “Failures teach you much more than successes”, Marc says. Lastly, Marc encourages to always put family first and to surround yourself with good friends and trustworthy and honest colleagues.

With a strong financial foundation in place and a clear roadmap ahead of them, the teams at MONAT Global are looking to take the company to new heights. They want to reach the multibillion dollar-level together. But for Marc, it’s about more than financial outcomes. “Financial goals are great, but we’re also looking to make an impact in the lives of our employees and our communities,” he says. It always goes back to these three foundational principles—learning, development, and legacy.


MONAT Global


Marc Juan Lopez
Chief Financial Officer
MONAT Global


To help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through our exceptional, naturally based products; a fun and rewarding business opportunity; and a culture of family, service, and gratitude.

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