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Matthew Chang
Founder & Principal
Chang Industrial

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“Empowering Innovators for the Future”

Matthew Chang is charismatic and inspiring, and his high aspirations and visionary leadership have transformed Chang Industrial into a hub for innovation experts.

Chang Industrial specializes in helping companies understand transformative innovation, especially in the advanced manufacturing and e-commerce sectors. They have a huge bias for autonomous and scalable systems. Those simple statements have huge implications around workforce development, stakeholder buy-in, futureproofing, finance, planning for obsolescence, and the digital strategy of firms. Their goal is to help organizations place those implications in context and create an implementation plan.

Chang industrial prides itself on its thought leadership. Since the founding of the company, they have given Matthew Chang and many other experts a platform to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with the world. Matthew has had the pleasure of teaching at the university level, and trade shows around the USA, including Harvard, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Jacksonville University, and the University of California. He has taught in some storied locations, such as the US Capitol.

Matthew has played a large role in the success and culture at Chang Industrial. Matthew is the kind of leader who goes first and doesn’t expect more from others than he expects of himself. Matthew’s success can be attributed to many things some of which are mentorship, strategic thinking, being action oriented, and staying true to his values.

Matthew is committed to his personal development and the development of others. He seeks opportunities to mentor the next generation and members of his team. He also seeks opportunities to learn and grow from others more experienced. Matthew encourages the personal development of everyone at Chang Industrial. Many team members at Chang Industrial own small businesses, from wineries to marketing agencies to real estate development. He encourages everyone to strengthen their skills and chase their dreams.

Matthew has many mentors in family life and professional life. The overarching theme is servant leadership based on the example given by Jesus Christ, a humble servant. Christ formed the most significant movement on earth with a rag-tag group of dedicated followers and an unshakable view of the good that can come from a person’s life. Like a stone thrown into a still pond creates ripples across the water, Matthew hopes that the impact from his short time on earth will end up helping others who are far away.

Matthew encourages strategic thinking in every decision at Chang Industrial. The team at Chang Industrial always tries to make a system more efficient, reinvent the wheel, when necessary (especially if they should be flying), and always think outside the box.

Matthew is a leader in making strategic decisions that benefit not only clients but also the industry. Finally, he is a man of action. He is ambitious and bold and does not hesitate to do the unthinkable. If a client needs something, he will do whatever it takes to provide it. Matthew has transformed the organization in more ways than one, and he is just getting started.

The culture at Chang Industrial can be summed up in 5 core values: Faith, Diversity, Give-to-Give, Mentorship, and Innovation. Their core values at Chang Industrial reflect Matthew's core values for himself. He starts with his faith, and it defines everything he does. He is a man of faith who keeps ethics at the forefront of everything. His faith in Jesus defines decisions from finance to new system designs. Matthew is a graduate of LifeWork Leadership and now sits on the board of directors. Thus, Chang Industrial is a Christian company with a biblical worldview. Next, Matthew leads with an attitude of diversity. Matthew encourages diversity of thought and people. He has created a hub of experts varying in age from early ’20s to early ’70s, and not one looks like the other.

Chang Industrial is diverse because Matthew encourages everyone to offer their insights; groupthink will never happen within their team. At Chang Industrial, they believe diversity is not a corporate strategy; it is an attitude. People who have empathy and place value on the views of others find that diversity is an essential part of a contagious corporate culture. They value diversity above conventional performance metrics. The result of a diversity-first attitude is a winning team that accomplishes more. The average skin shade of a winning team should be some shade of tan or brown. This may sound challenging in a heavily STEM career field; however, commitment to diversity separates great teams from good teams.

Matthew also believes strongly in being a “go-giver.” At a corporate job, many are trained in a business development process called "give to get,” but at Chang Industrial, they "give to give.”

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Matthew Chang
Founder & Principal
Chang Industrial


At Chang Industrial, we have challenged ourselves to be the disruptive thinkers of our industry and define the way for technology to transform business while holding close to our values: diversity, generosity, and mentorship. Our company philosophy has always been founded on these values as we strive to create innovative business solutions through IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and autonomous technology.

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