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Michael S. Myers
Founding Partner
Papazian Heisey Myers (PHM)

Michael S. Myers, Founding Partner of Papazian Heisey Myers (PHM) Certificate

Promptly responding to client inquiries is the key to success

Papazian Heisey Myers (PHM), as stated by their Founding Partner, Michael S. Myers, is the premier boutique law firm dedicated to delivering exceptional legal advice and unparalleled service to their institutional and private clients. Whether a financial institution, a private company or an individual seeking top-notch representation, PHM aims to exceed all expectations at least in part by providing their clients with the expertise and personalized attention they deserve. At PHM, their success lies in being true connoisseurs of their clients’ businesses.

PHM’s legal practice has always been firmly rooted in insurance defense work. With unwavering dedication, they represent the E&O insurer for insurance agents and investment advisors. However, the firm’s journey has taken an exciting turn in the past 18 months, as they have ventured into uncharted territory, unveiling their latest endeavor known as 'express mortgage enforcement litigation'. With this new tactical advantage in hand, PHM’s lender clients can benefit from this cutting-edge innovation that has revolutionized their mortgage remedy practice, delivering truly remarkable results.

When enforcing mortgages and collecting debts, lawyers for the lender have the opportunity to utilize the court process in Ontario, explains Michael. While typical litigation may have a reputation for being slow and costly, it provides lenders with an effective resolution. But at the cost of months and months of delay. Express litigation, as the name suggests, accelerates the process, and consequently reduces court delay and legal costs. It also accelerates the repayment of the mortgage debt, which is, of course, the ultimate goal of mortgage enforcement. Embarking on the 'express mortgage enforcement litigation', they embraced the opportunity to utilize lesser-known court process rules and strategic thinking, introducing a fresh approach to their clients’ legal issues and adapting to it effortlessly.

Michael’s life has been filled with joy and happiness since his children started having their own children, some 5 years ago. Being a grandparent has given him an incredibly refreshing perspective on life. Not only did he have the opportunity to reprioritize, but his work-life balance suddenly shifted towards the family side of that dichotomy. Moreover, playing with his grandchildren, who are five in number now, with one more on the way, has brought him a healthy and young outlook on life. Nothing is more rewarding than sitting on the floor for hours on end playing with the little grandchildren, he adds.

At PHM, they inspire others through their positive example. They empower staff and lawyers to take on responsibility, and have found that doing so almost always brings positive results. Lawyers and staff consistently rise to the occasion, embracing new tasks with a remarkable level of seriousness and care. Their dedication and commitment are truly inspiring and deserving of praise.

Additionally, the partners at PHM have always been dedicated to making the practice of law fulfilling. Having a blast at work, loving the client interaction, and embracing the opportunities to connect and collaborate with fellow lawyers and service providers keeps them focused and productive. They inspire others by setting a positive example and embodying it, both at work and in their personal lives. Having fun is incredibly contagious, spreading joy and keeping all of their staff and partners forever young at heart.

The exciting focus of PHM right now is to develop and put into action a succession plan, ensuring that the younger generation of lawyers at their firm can acquire valuable management skills and eventually step into the role of CEOs, leading the firm into the future. This is an exciting and evolving process that is steadily progressing. Through frequent discussions, planning and organization, they are making great strides towards achieving an effective and workable succession plan.

The key to distinguishing themselves, is always being available to the clients! According to Michael, this is best accomplished by enthusiastically answering the phone when a call comes in, promptly responding to texts and emails and generally, letting clients know that they are heard and that we understand their issues and concerns. At PHM, all of the partners, lawyers and staff genuinely want to help their clients resolve their problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Although there are countless top-quality law firms in Toronto and throughout Canada, offering a wide range of exceptional legal services, PHM is unique in its resolve and fortitude. It has and will continue to deliver timely, cost-effective and high quality legal services to their clients.


Papazian Heisey Myers (PHM)


Michael S. Myers
Founding Partner
Papazian Heisey Myers (PHM)


Papazian | Heisey | Myers is a boutique law firm that provides its local, national and international clients with sophisticated legal advice in a personalized setting in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada. We are experts in your business. This is our greatest strength and is testament to why our longtime, blue-chip clients continue to place their legal needs in our hands.

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