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“Ensure patience while engaging in novel endeavors.”

The creation of White Orchid Studio is a testament to CEO Peggy Herrman's deep connection to her roots. Her designs burst with her personal passions and pure, unadulterated joy for life. Her hope is that customers feel joy and happiness wearing her creations, allowing them to tell their own stories of strength, leadership, sensuality, creativity, and timeless beauty.

After an incredible 50-year career as a conflict consultant, colleagues actually described Peggy as an icon in that field. Peggy's first sociology professor sparked her interest in becoming a peace consultant. Under his guidance, she found her life partner, obtained a doctorate, organized and ran an international conference on conflict resolution, and established mediation programs for children's courts in Georgia. Peggy's skills in listening, problem-solving, leadership, and organization have made running the studio a joy.

She deeply values people, especially her team and customers. Peggy provides quick and concise feedback using her conflict consulting skills. Everyone knows how much they are appreciated. She connects with caring and artistic individuals, collaborates rather than micromanages, and genuinely appreciates their remarkable work. Peggy believes in taking immediate action and is working to create an amazing and convenient online shopping experience. The entire team is involved in making these changes, and Peggy values their contributions and expresses gratitude.

Since Peggy is so unusual, White Orchid Studio stands out from the crowd and is subject to numerous influences. In childhood, Peggy's mother taught her how to sew at an extremely high level, and she has been creating things ever since, like couture clothing, gardens and international programs. Now, as a jewelry designer, her gem pairings express the best aspects of fine gardens and fabrics. She uses contrasting colors or textures to guide the viewer's attention throughout each design, similar to the way paths and garden beds do. She also presents gems in different forms, sizes, and polishes to add visual depth, principles also applied to gardens. The support of her mother, the experience of visiting remarkable gardens, the enthusiastic support of her husband, a well-known theologian and author, Eugene Bianchi @, all contributed to her ability to design fine jewelry.

The Studio offers mid-range fine jewelry with an emphasis on quality and fine detail. All gem beads are precision cut to Peggy’s specifications, and larger gems are the best she can find. Texture on her clasps, earrings, and, in 2024, rings is hand carved. Nothing is mass produced.

She is also particular about the precious metals she uses, namely 14-karat gold and 925 silver. The choice of 14kt gold is deliberate given the resilience of that alloy. Still, given the high cost of gold, 925 silver is offered to provide consumers with a range of affordable solutions.

Peggy shares a few testimonials:

"Peggy, thank you. The earrings are beautiful!" Sylvia

"I love the necklace. It’s gorgeous. A work of art. I’m proud to be its owner." Kerstin

"The piece was an unmitigated success. My wife loves it. Thank you very much for all the help in the process." David

The studio's goals are to create beautiful jewelry, make it accessible to everyone, and give back to a beautifully, artistic community.She knows that poverty and crime rates in the area are comparable to or even higher than those in Atlanta.The collaboration with the Foundation allows the Studio's profits to support small NGOs even after Peggy and the Studio are gone.

Peggy also acknowledges the challenges of entering the industry due to expensive advertisements and the newness of the look of her studio items. However, she remains persistent and patient, understanding that it takes time for customers to embrace a new and slightly unconventional style. Adding a quote by Seth Godin, she clarifies that “it’s worth the most when it’s the most difficult to find.”

Peggy chimes in to say that they are doing amazingly, and that she is not boasting at all. She is always coming up with new ideas and organizing her previous works into series. She is also working on a video series, but it takes time to make sure everything is done perfectly. The challenge for her is planning everything in advance, including fine-tuning product series. Ideally, social media posts would be scheduled a few days ahead. They have their schedules figured out, but their focus is always on meeting the changing objectives of their email and SMS campaigns. Her opinion is that ‘nothing happens quickly.' Peggy is patient and totally comfortable with ambiguity. Her constant refrain is, “If you can’t take a joke, get out of my kitchen!"

The new website, according to Peggy, will absolutely, without a doubt, succeed in showcasing the collection and bringing unparalleled beauty to people all around the world!


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Peggy Herrman
White Orchid Studio


White Orchid Studio celebrates all my wonderful customers. I know you are unique, strong, sensitive, sensual, you love endless beauty. Unique people have preferences. So, White Orchid Studio offers four collections to help you shop for styles and prices that make you happy.

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