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Scott Holden
Chief Financial Officer
COPILOT Provider Support Services

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COPILOT Provider Support Services empowers best-in-class patient and physician experiences, eliminating the burdens and stress associated with standard reimbursement. The company’s proprietary technology provides a complete picture of the patient journey to reduce payer approval times, share authorization paperwork, and improve pharmacy fulfillment logistics.

For over 20 years, COPILOT has simplified payments to improve patient and practitioner experiences.The reimbursement HUB improves pharmaceutical logistics, approval, and permit paperwork. Doctors may register patients, add clinical data, and follow cases live. Unlike others in the industry, COPILOT processes insurance benefits on the same day. According to an orthopedic physician practice study, this accuracy makes COPILOT the country’s number one reimbursement service provider. In 2023, QHP Capital invested in COPILOT to grow into new therapeutic areas due to its innovative technology and healthcare potential.

COPILOT has experienced a 45% compound growth rate since 2018 and continues to invest in its customer experience, team and leadership development, and technology. With the ongoing support of QHP, COPILOT seeks to triple its clients and expand medical services across cell and gene treatments, robotics, and AI.

In 2021, COPILOT moved its headquarters from New York to Maitland, Florida. Today, the company employs over 400 individuals, 75% of under represented groups and people of color, with over 60% of leadership roles held by women. The company’s coaching and career mentoring programs assist women of color in excelling in healthcare technology and reimbursement HUB services. With less than a 5% annual turnover, COPILOT attributes its success to investing in its workforce and prioritizing DEI.

Meet Company CFO: Scott Holden

"Always strive to focus on what you CAN do, not what you can't."

Scott Holden is the Chief Financial Officer of COPILOT. After energizing conversations with CEO Chuck Stevens, he joined the company, where he learned how the unique business concept connects individuals to life-saving medical treatment. Scott appreciated the automated, high-quality distribution system and was also impressed with the company's double-digit year-over-year growth.

Every day, Scott is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the company and its clients. He focuses on improving the company's margins and efficiency and developing processes for financial management. His responsibilities include overseeing company revenue, reviewing department budgets, forecasting, managing partnerships, analyzing spending, and improving employee benefits. He also supports client initiatives such as bidding processes and annual budgets. However, Scott finds investing in people to be one of the most rewarding parts of his role.

Scott builds strong ties with colleagues throughout the business because he believes every voice counts. By maintaining colleague connections outside of the finance department, he often learns about new technological opportunities, a skills shortfall, or other non-financial challenges where he can lend insight and help provide solutions. Scott says leading means taking responsibility for the entire thing, not only your portion. He supports decision-making and recognizing others' needs, emphasizing openness and communication to ensure everyone works toward the same objective. Scott also enjoys helping patients and creating healthier communities. “It's gratifying to know you're contributing to the greater good and helping people achieve better health outcomes,” says Scott.

A medical incident caused Scott to lapse into a coma 12 years ago during a triathlon. He lost his hearing and required surgery and cochlear implants to adapt. COPILOT’s hybrid business satisfies both consumer and employee needs – especially Scott. Zoom meetings are crucial for Scott to communicate face-to-face and rely on visual cues when others speak. More so than anything, he enjoys seeing his colleagues live for an impromptu brainstorm and to simply catch up.

Scott credits his strong family as a guiding light. His wife is a cancer survivor who founded a nonprofit called "Surviving Strong" to support cancer patients. He admires how she inspires and motivates others and has successfully built a thriving organization. Despite the pressures of his financial role, being around her uplifts him and encourages him to focus on the big picture. Scott describes his wife as a positive force that keeps him grounded and a physical reminder that people are the most important thing in life.

Recently, Scott’s team accomplished several objectives, including creating a top-notch financial reporting model, analyzing internal costs, and crafting a budget model for 2024, along with a strategic scenario modeling tool. Constant communication helped them anticipate financial needs, stay aligned, and identify solutions.

With Scott’s guidance, COPILOT looks to grow its client base, raise its annual sales, retain financial margins, and grow into other healthcare sectors in 3–5 years. The future appears bright, and we look forward to following this intriguing healthcare technology for years.


COPILOT Provider Support Services


Scott Holden
Chief Financial Officer
COPILOT Provider Support Services


COPILOT provides the life-science market with an advanced healthcare technology platform designed to power customized reimbursement HUB services. Through partnerships with bio-pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, COPILOT designs individualized programs that support patient access to therapy.

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