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Sue Phillips

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"Enhancing the Sense of Smell"

Sue Philips, Founder of Scenterprises Inc., designed the TIFFANY, Society by Burberry, and Burberry for Men perfumes. Sue is now recognized as the industry's official trailblazer for COVID victims.

Sue grew up and was raised in South Africa, a former British colony steeped in English and Dutch cultural traditions. Many of the attributes she espouses and enacts mirror a European perspective: consideration, courtesy, cooperation, communication, caring, and competence. Sue believes these attributes have helped her organization prosper with clients and workers.

Sue opened New York's newest perfumery THE SCENTARIUM located in downtown TriBeCa where she presents custom fragrance seminars and workshop for men, women, groups, Corporations, Bridal events and more!

Many psychologists believe that there are five basic personality traits, easily remembered by the acronym OCEAN: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Sue adds that many of her traits are aligned with those, however, she can definitely say that neuroticism is not one of them! 

Sue has taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology and L I M College of Fashion as an adjunct professor. Sue advised her students that becoming a doctor or lawyer because their parents wanted them to might not ensure a successful career. Follow a career path that resonates with YOU and do what you love to do. In addition, she continues, when it comes to leadership and business issues: “don't ignore client or staff issues for months. Resist acting impulsivey and be creative, courageous, steadfast, and persistent”. Being open to assisting others and going outside one’s comfort zone can create fantastic opportunities and Sue suggests investigating new options within one’s skillset.

Sue never followed a "traditional" corporate trajectory, and prophetically a supervisor once labeled her an entrepreneur (which she took as a compliment). As a result when she started Scenterprises Inc., she dubbed herself a Scentrepreneur™ which has been trademarked. Sue's success has come from staying current, forging new paths and enacting upon innovative opportunities.

During the epidemic, when in-person scent events stopped, Sue wrote her book, "The Power of Perfume." (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.) NBC TV wanted to do an interview about the book, and at the same time they asked Sue whether she could help a 'long-hauler' who couldn't smell for 15 months. She said she couldn’t be sure but would try and actually helped the woman regain her sense of smell. The pandemic taught us how to recalibrate, and I'm delighted we could help people with COVID Anosmia regain their sense of smell.

Just imagine not being able to smell smoke, gas, foul odors in food? People don’t realize the dangers they may encounter if they lose their sense of smell,” asserts Sue. “Notwithstanding the fact that life’s pleasures revolve around the beauty of taste and smell. Therefore, our Scent Healing sessions that we offer to Anosmia sufferers both in person or via Zoom with our Scent Healing Kit has been instrumental in helping over 135 people over the last year.” The loss of smell could be disastrous. Life's greatest pleasures revolve around taste and smell.

Sue believes it's crucial to be able to "take it and accept it" in business and in relationships, which brings her back to communication. If criticism is justified, be open-minded, don't be defensive, listen, communicate, and change. It's annoying when a boss or employee justifies blunders. Taking criticism requires one to be a big person. Sue says, "Since Scenterprises is my company, I feel it's crucial to develop my employees and I welcome their suggestions and input." I encourage my employees to criticize constructively rather than blame.

Social media is important to business and therefore requires an active digital footprint. We have podcasts, interviews, the largest perfume club on Clubhouse (ThePowerofPerfume) with two rooms twice a week (Fragrant Fridays and Scentual Sundays), and our own dynamic, immersive app:, which helps us communicate with fragrance lovers all over the world.

Sue remarks: Our sense of smell is the most powerful because it connects memories and emotions. Her company presents scentertaining™ teambuilding exercises which include a 'discovery' session where participants take her Scent Quiz to determine which fragrance family most suits them (e.g., fresh, floral, woodsy, spicy, etc.); they then recognize the attributes that are most aligned with them and are guided to recognize similarities they share with their colleagues; to understand their differences, and why they might not get along. Despite their differences, people can 'connect.' Her natural, high-quality scent ingredients are a distinct factor,in creating positive results as no one has ever complained of headaches or allergies.

After the sessions, groups understand their different preferences and begin to communicate with more understanding and awareness, and use personality differences constructively. This improves personal and corporate growth. Positive reinforcement is induced when they wear their custom fragrance. This can be motivational, inspirational, effective, and memorable!

We are so excited to have opened our new SUE PHILLIPS FRAGRANCE boutique perfume studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where we will once again be able to offer in-person events, as well as hybrid and Zoom workshops, seminars, and multi-sensory events. We believe will continue to be the "go-to" destination for all things Scent-sory!




Sue Phillips


Scenterprises Inc, is a globally-recognized expert of fragrance, cosmetics and personal care. Sue has launched product development and branding campaigns for some of the world’s leading fragrance brands; Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Avon, Lancaster. She created the 150th anniversary “fragrance for TIFFANY,” followed by “Tiffany for Men”, “Society by Burberry,” and “Burberry for Men” fragrances and developed the original Trish McEvoy fragrances.

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