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PsyMax Solutions' Work Style Matcher™ helps companies of all sizes find the right employee. Wayne Nemeroff, CEO, says companies pay for quality.

Wayne is a highly committed leader. His social skills are continually evolving. Reading people and situations helps him effectively manage relationships. Wayne knows how to communicate clearly and succinctly. He sets goals and expectations and uses communication tools to give important, up-to-date information.

His leadership style is results-oriented. He is sincere and authentic, and wants to help people. He is well-focused, realistic, and highly motivated. His stamina and resilience inspires others.

Wayne's work ethic is admirable. He seeks and listens to other people’s suggestions and ideas. He believes in delegating and empowering people to grow and develop to their fullest extent. When giving feedback, Wayne doesn't attack the individual personally because it can damage relationships. When critiquing, he discusses what was done and the consequences of the person’s actions. He discusses the person’s specific goals and ways to help them improve.

Wayne discusses the future with budding entrepreneurs. Everyone needs resilience and persistence. Ups and downs are unavoidable. He motivates to persevere and conquer obstacles.

PsyMax Solutions’ Work Style Matcher™ assessments help companies make better-informed hiring decisions. The PsyMax testing platform has several innovative factors that differentiate them from their competitors. Using proprietary technology, the organization’s tests look at both individual scores and different combinations of scores, and use algorithms to generate their work style reports.

For example, a strong manager with high feedback and low empathy may be inclined to give more negative feedback. If this manager also has inadequate communication skills, employees may not fully understand this manager's standards. Mistakes get made and employees are criticized.

The Success Profile highlights job-specific behaviors. Job positions are profiled to determine the most important job characteristics, and the computer program saves the work habits selected. The report then calculates a Degree of Fit score from 1 to 99 based on critical success work styles identified. A higher score means that the candidate is a better fit for that particular job.

The reports also select interview questions based on a person's work style profile. Each question receives a positive and negative response indicator based on how each candidate answers questions that were chosen just for them.

In one instance, PsyMax Solutions’ Work Style Assessment (WSA) inventory was utilized to select store directors. Store directors’ assets were measured as: Leadership, potential, and results achieved. Top-performing store directors endorsed WSA’seffectiveness (above average on all mission-critical criteria). The study linked eight work styles to job performance: leading people, taking charge, projecting self-confidence, using authority, exhibiting tenacity in the face of criticism, not taking feedback personally, confronting difficult situations honestly, and communicating clearly. The PsyMax WSA identifies new superstars and creates bench strength.

Another study involved a regional chain of oil-change shops. The organization wanted to strengthen its selection processes and develop its managers. The company teamed with PsyMax Solutions to administer the Work Style Assessment (WSA) inventory to help promote continuous profitability. Profit, turnover, and damage claims were used to evaluate the WSA inventory's usefulness. Best-performing managers on mission-critical indicators verified the WSA's effectiveness.

PsyMax Solutions helps firms modify and improve how they measure soft skills. Having the right soft skills affects job success and retention. Bad hires, panic hires, or desperation hires all have the same consequence. A competitive labor market, a shortage of people with specific skills, and nonproductive employee recruitment procedures may lead to hiring "just anyone." The problem is that hiring just anyone is an expensive proposition in many ways.

As Forbes Council Member Rami Essaid has noted, "It’s costlier to hire the wrong person than to keep looking for another month to find the right person." The data bears this out as well. According to SHRM, the total cost of replacing an employee may add up to six to nine months of their salary.

The DOL believes a bad hire costs 30% of a first-year salary. A bad recruit making $50,000 might lose the organization $15,000. Even for an hourly worker, the real cost of a bad hire is more than 30% in salary, benefits, training, advertising, lost productivity, legal fees, and time spent looking for and evaluating job applications.

The PsyMax online test does a great job of evaluating soft skills. PsyMax Solutions’ Work Style Matcher™ helps companies identify the correct match of people for your company using objective data. Workers require hard skills like technical know-how, but also the necessary soft people skills. Soft skills include personality and attitude, communication, teamwork, resilience, and flexibility.

In today's competitive job market, it's crucial to know the soft skills and work practices of successful candidates. Combining rigorous research with years of in-the-field job assessment experience, PsyMax identifies the top soft skills common among many different jobs, helps employers identify the finest people for a job, helps lower “rapid quits” within 90 days of recruitment, and ultimately prevents recruiting errors.

Wayne notes that the PsyMax testing platform will eventually be adopting AI and NLP, and will evolve with AI and the metaverse. Sooner-than-expected tech advances will emerge. Future applicants may be expected to handle a metaverse program that is more realistic compared to only using test questions. PsyMax will be testing new interactive tools and simulations, and will continue to update its hiring and development tools.

It should be noted that Wayne takes a great deal of personal satisfaction and pride in sharing his knowledge and company expertise with a wide variety of companies and leaders. To learn more about PsyMax Solutions’ innovative pre-employment and hiring assessment tools, go to You can reach Wayne at


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Wayne Nemeroff
PsyMax Solutions


PsyMax’s unique assessment tools are the result of many years of product development by some of the leading authorities in the field of industrial/organizational psychology–and they’re the same tools for which you’d pay a licensed industrial organizational psychologist thousands of dollars for higher-level positions–now available to HR Departments, Hiring Managers, and Corporate Heads to evaluate managers and workers at a fraction of the cost.

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