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“Prioritize hearing for optimal results”

CallTower provides the most cutting-edge unified communications, contact center, and collaboration solutions under the guidance of William Rubio, who is the CRO of the Company. With the most cutting-edge unified communication and collaboration solutions, it blends the strength of global voice enablement with significant business integrations.

The goal of William's decision to switch to CallTower was to provide customers with a comprehensive turnkey solution that makes use of the most cutting-edge technology available, specifically by leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft and Cisco. Besides, his family serves as the most influential role models for his career. The individual received instruction on the principles of diligence, professionalism, empathy, and adopting a perspective that considers the viewpoints of others.

As far as William considers leadership, the attributes of a leader are contingent upon their ability to motivate employees by encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone and think innovatively, thereby facilitating progress from point A to point B. This quality is indicative of a distinguished leader. The pursuit of maintaining the existing state of affairs should not be regarded as an objective, and the provision of support for an employee's professional development, even in the face of challenging circumstances, serves as an indication of exceptional leadership qualities. Consequently, such actions are likely to elicit gratitude from one's subordinates.

William adds that it's simpler to rejoice after having surpassed or met a goal, but more difficult after having fallen short. Those are the kinds of opportunities to grow as a person and a leader that are crucial to any successful business. He suggests growing from the experience and resolving to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Regarding the aforementioned, organizational health is, by far, William's top priority when it comes to managing his team as a leader. In his view, employees are interested in understanding the strategic trajectory of an organization, as well as their individual roles within it, in order to foster their personal development and contribute effectively to the organization's success. Of all the skills a leader may master over time, "listening" is by far one of the best, he adds. Even if all they want is to be heard, it demonstrates that you understand them. Leaders frequently overlook the daily struggles that their teams endure, so occasionally joining them in the trenches encourages innovation and aids in an employee's personal development. Leaders must adopt an approach that involves attentively listening to all pertinent details, even in situations where the available data may not be flawless, thereby presenting a formidable challenge. William encourages his team to discuss decisions honestly and openly.

William explains that employees who don't feel heard are less likely to buy in, even if their ideas weren't ultimately picked. Being united does not always mean that everyone must constantly agree; rather, it requires having a common theme or rallying cry that all employees can rally around and achieve together, regardless of the role the leader plays in achieving that purpose.

Moreover, for any leader, when making a crucial decision, William advises to be sure to provide a rationale for their choice and gain support from everyone in the room, even if it isn't theirs. To take any action, you need the support and consensus of your peers.

In terms of communication, Verbal is still the king of communication, according to William. However, emails are an excellent way to follow up on a verbal conversation. Likewise, feedback is essential in every communication exchange because it enables an individual to develop as a leader. They must evolve as leaders in order to comprehend their environment and adapt as necessary based on the challenges that lie ahead.

They are using HubSpot and SalesForce, which are excellent resources for helping their organization succeed. In order to evaluate the performance of a department, team, or company as a whole, a standard (whatever is selected) must be adopted by all parties. Email and instant messaging are essential communication tools for developing organizations. Exciting plans in the second half of 2023 and 2024 also include considerable expansion into Europe and Asia Pacific, as well as the addition of more goods to their solutions to give their clients more options. Being a part of CallTower at this time is amazing.

According to William, the purpose of CallTower is to make it possible for people to interact by utilizing the greatest tools for that purpose currently on the market and ensuring that users are aware of how to utilize them. Over the next five years, CallTower will continue to develop as a company and offer current and future solutions to clients around the world.




William Rubio


With the evolution of the telecom industry, CallTower has grown into a unified communications, collaboration and contact center solutions provider; changing the way people communicate around the world.

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